Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Biochemical warfare (in another world)

Just before the [northern party's] mangonels were within striking distance of the walls, the mangonels of Š. released their burdens.

G. had learned from the death of the late prince. With infinite care innovative missiles had been crafted and now arced across the field to strike the earth near the closest [northerners]. On impact they split open in a puff of gray dust.

Warriors began to fall.

The missiles were ... carefully filled with ... powdered toxin.... That the stars would even allow mortals access to such a plant raised questions that had vexed philosophers for centuries. Anywhere these engines of death landed became ground over which it was no longer safe to venture. Š. poisoned its own fields to halt the enemy.

Dozens of the ... globes were hurled until there were few yards left where an approach was safe. ... The day T---- intended for glory was fast turning into a day of slaughter, with nary a blow exchanged. A few gusts of wind blew the powder back toward the city and handfuls of [midlanders] took [the Shepherd’s] hand without warning.

It was effective yet horrendous to watch. G. stood at the ramparts.... He shook his said and said, “What have we become?”

O. waited a while before responding.

“A people who would survive, [Lord].”

“At what cost, O.? At what cost?”
Volume one spoke of torture. This volume (# 3) brings up biochemical warfare. Will volume 5 cover weapons of mass destruction or just an excess of evil?

Sweet dreams, my rambunctious rottweilers!

--the BB


Jane R said...


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Grandmère Mimi said...

Wonderful writing, Paul, truly.

The object in the picture looks like a fountain pen rather than a missile, but, of course, I could be wrong. ;o)

Paul said...

I'm saving the flying fountain pens for volume seven, Mimi. Stay tuned.