Monday, June 22, 2009

I thought maybe he should hear - updated

I received an e-mail from the President today (and one from the First Lady yesterday). His had the theme "Time to roll up your sleeves" and touted volunteerism. I applaud this.

I also hit "reply" and wrote this.

Dear Mr. President:

I am very excited that you are our President, I yearn for your success, and I pray for your well being.

I also earnestly desire that you roll up your sleeves and undo the damage that has been done by the administration around DOMA.

I am among the many LGBT Americans who are hurt, ashamed, and furious at the way that was handled in the brief. I retired my Obama sweatshirt and T-shirt over it and will not contribute a cent to any Democratic entity until this is undone.

Thank you.

It's rather nice to get e-mail with this return address:

If I get a response, I will share it with y'all.

I also got an appeal from one of my senators, Tom Udall, for support of the New Mexico Democratic Party. The NMDP has been very supportive of LGBT rights but I hit reply and sent them a copy of my e-mail to the President to let them know that I want every level of the party leaning on the President and they too will not get a penny until this gets fixed. So my pocketbook is on strike.

If all the queer money ceased flowing into Dem coffers, they would feel it. I have no problem grabbing my party by the balls and having a little heart-to-heart chat.

--the BB

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Ellie Finlay said...

Good for you. I completely support you on this and I'm really glad you wrote the email.