Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let the festivities begin

On Monday my brother-in-law turns 60 (youngster!). The big party is this evening but the mostly out-of-town crowd started last night.

The requisite ritual public humiliation started early.

Didn't know I was related to Santa Claus, did you?

My sister-in-law Janet

The Bay Area crowd came in on a later plane
but finally got fed nonetheless. Check out
the lemon and pecan pies on the sideboard.

Know you know why blogging is spotty this weekend. I did get 8 hours sleep last night but not enough all week long and am totally dragging ass today.

Saw lots of folks I have not seen for years. Some from the Grand Canyon rafting trip in 1999 (?) and some since my ordination in 1990. [I realize that last sentence fragment is grammatically awful but I'm letting it stand.] Of course, they are all much younger in my memory/imagination. That new camera works well but is so brutal. They all look fabulous, actually, and I mean that, but ... a pook less young. I am not looking forward to seeing the shots our nephew took; with my camera I was always behind the lens.

--the BB

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