Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ma Piruz mishavim yek Ruz

Joan Baez sings "We shall overcome" adding a verse in Farsi for the People of Iran:

Security personnel gather during a march on a
street in Tehran. Confrontation between opposition
supporters and the police have faded as the
government crackdown intensifies

Photo from Times (UK) Online

Outside of Tehran University where 5 students were brutally murdered by the basij and countless other horrors took place, people hold an illegal candlelight vigil. There is a voice of a man in the background warning the people that they will get caught, but no one seems to care. Also, pay attention to all the camera phones documenting the event. If the vigil doesn't make you sad, that should because that is the only connection they have now to the outside world. (26.06.2009)

h/t to Nico Pitney's liveblogging at HuffPo

--the BB

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