Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This evening's drive home

On the drive home after work I deviated from my usual route by about half a mile so I could get different views (and capture some of the distant rain). Stopped again at my usual photo spot. All in all 76 photos. I was having fun. Here are five of them. You may click on them for detail.

It appears we have an early monsoon season this year. I hope it holds off for my brother-in-law's 60th birthday party this weekend.

Soon it's gonna rain, I can see it.
Soon it's gonna rain, I can tell.
Soon it's gonna rain,
What're we gonna do?
--The Fantasticks

UWSP Musical Theatre Final Forum Spring '08.
Creg Sclavi and Sadie Langemo perform Soon It's Gonna Rain from The Fantasticks.

This is not a polished professional version but I think these two capture so much of the spirit of the Fantasticks - I never saw the musical performed but had the album way back when and used to be able to recite or sing the entire thing. (Oh all right, in spite of my protests that I don't like musical theatre.... I have had lapses.)

--the BB

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it's margaret said...

I saw some 3-D images of clouds on a new weather radar thingy they have to report the weather here.... they were exceedingly cool, but your camera and eye are way better! (it's one of the things I miss about the west --the vista)