Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A reunion

The warmaiden and the princess reconnect.
R. looked at her seriously and asked, “How are things, my sister?”

Č. could not think of words to capture what was happening or her own feelings. Anguish contorted her face and R. remembered that this kind and brave daughter of Gizli was but four years into her womanhood and facing the destruction of her world. The disciplined warmaiden summoned her own strength, fixed Č. with a stern but loving look and said, “We shall set the world right, by Vrotni’s Crown.” R. gave the princess a tightlipped smile. Č. returned it and nodded, a single tear escaping at the outer edge of her eye. They turned to face the others.
[Note: Vrotni, the Fierce Mother, is the goddess of war. Her crown consists of skulls with flaming eyes. Warmaidens and warriors are called servants of Vrotni and this is no casual oath when spoken by the greatest warmaiden of the eastern forest. In another aspect, Vrotni is depicted as a lioness with her cubs and is the goddess of new mothers and of midwives, blessing them with ferocity in protecting newborns. As I wrote this just now I thought of grandniece Katie constantly there for Clara and Olivia. Fictional mythology having power in our daily life.]

I am now up to the middle of page 96 in the book (over 47,000 words). The third army will soon join the other two.

And once again it is just past midnight (and I have not even toured facebook yet).

--the BB

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