Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Black Lion, the Old Witch, and ain't nobody in the closet, thank you very much

He was not in the room with her but sitting on a stone ledge, partly hewn from living rock on the uphill side of [town] and partly smoothed by centuries. D. also appeared to be napping but any who spotted him in that sacred location knew to let him alone. It was a place sacred to ... the Eagle of Heaven and goddess of visions. D. came here often to commune with the stars, walking to the edge of the capital, using his one arm to grip a staff topped with an eagle claw.

Today he listened not to deities but to his fellow [person of power]. Her request was disturbing and D. protested, but she appealed to the one who had sent her [north] and D. relented. If this came from the dying orders of the Old Princess then he would do his part.

Their chat completed, D. rose, seized his staff, and headed toward the palace.

“[Sea Goddess] pity me,” he muttered, “the old witch had better be right.”
After about a day and a half with not much writing, I think I am back in the swing of things. A few more of the immediate pieces have fallen into place. There are challenges. I work with the map that has evolved over time, not the map I might wish I had (ah, Rummy, you ass). It would be logistically easier for me to plan a war among three or four neat territories but it is a combination of geographic affinity AND marriage alliances that determines where the loyalties lie and so the factions are scattered and intermingled. Makes it much harder.

I do like the challenges, however.

The topographical map above gives you some idea of how real this world is in my imagination. This is NOT where the current story takes place, though the young duke did travel through this part of the world in the opening chapters. The copper and aquamarine necklace came from these islands. (Yes, every island, river, and town has a name.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll just head back to the 8th century.

[Yes, David, I am a tease.)

--the BB


David said...

Ah, but a dear and magnificent tease!
That's the secret of all this teasing actually having some effect! LOL


Grandmère Mimi said...

My goodness! What a mind!