Sunday, June 07, 2009

"Save your children."

Č. had to remind herself to breathe yet nothing could stop her from entering those great eyes, falling into their depths, sensing herself lost in an ocean of knowing, of understanding, of boundless compassion. The knotted place within her heart, her womb, her throat—carried from her agonizing nightmare into this frightful day—was present, as though she had been able to reach deep within herself and pull it forth and offer it to those all-seeing eyes. Č. felt herself drowning in honey yet knowing it was all right.

As I promised, the nightmare is followed by an encounter with a goddess. Grandmother Tortoise, the deity of wisdom and compassion, comes to the princess to explain the dream and point the path.

If only saving the children of F. were simple.

Sigh. I have come to this point in the narrative and am falling asleep. It is time to go to bed. I wish I could completee the scene, and with it the chapter, but tomorrow is another day.

Sweet dreams, my twittering titmice!

--the BB


David said...

I'm coining a new term- specificaly to describe you and these flashes of manuscript.

You're a book-tease, flashing is with titilating & fascinating snippets from a series would could run into endless volumes before you release any of it for publication.

One measely paragraph at a time and then we're supposed to settle for being called 'twittering titmice'?

Get the to an agent Paul! LOL



Paul said...

Patience, Grasshopper.

Or google Jonathan Grubbley and read the second draft of the story that began it all on my other blog.