Saturday, June 13, 2009

St Mike's at ABQ Pride 2009

Parishioners greeting us from the sidelines and cheering us on.

Marching down Central Avenue.

Tom used his lovely convertible for this. I walked about 3/4 of the parade route and then got tired and overheated. So I got in the car and did the Betty Windsor "smile and wave" routine.

There were so many smiling faces along the parade route that I got a little soppy. If we had 364 other days a year to be who we are, happily and without fear....

Sorry, no pics of me in the pink triangle stole. This was not deliberate; I just forgot to have someone take a photo of me. My mind was much more on getting there, keeping up, and getting home at the end. We drove right into the NM Expo grounds and thus even had free admittance but all I could think of was getting home.
--the BB

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Ellie Finlay said...

Well, poo. I was looking forward to seeing that pink stole!!