Sunday, June 07, 2009

A good day

Magenta petunias and pole beans

I do not usually take photos of the front yard as it is largely uninteresting, but the day lilies are blooming now in abundance. This afternoon when I got home from the gym I got this shot of them in the shade of the plane tree.

On the way home I stopped at Home Despot (as my friend calls it) and picked up 5-gallon roses to replace some of the bare root roses that had done nothing.

This is one of the new roses.
The photo does not show the pale peach color
but mostly the pink at the edges.

In a couple of other spots where bare root roses did nothing
I put bright red penstemon with white throats.

And here you can make out tomato blossoms.
Promise of things to come!

I presided at the Trinity Mass this morning and Deacon Karly preached. Lots of yakking after church, then the gym where I stretched, rode the bike, and sweated in the sauna. Plant shopping (and tomato and rose food), a few things at Staples, then home. I waited until early evening to go out and work in the yard. I planted two roses and two penstemons then called it quits for the day. Tomorrow evening I will plant a white bower vine and a cherry hot pepper that I also picked up today. Oh, and I did a few loads of laundry today also. I call it a productive day and I am feeling a good tired.

Now, back to my parallel world for a while before bedtime.

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