Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Not much posting today

1. I got home late
2. I am not very high energy
3. I am about to watch Stephen Colbert in Iraq
4. It will then be bedtime

Last night I was up waaaaay late printing off a hard copy of pages 1-80 of the current book to date so I could review and proofread it. Reading large chunks in one or two sittings helps one note major inconsistencies that crept in when watching leaves instead of the forest. The eyes also catch things a bit differently than they do reading onscreen.

I did notice that a character in a recent battle had allegedly fallen to the plague four years earlier. I clearly did not have my genealogies in synch there! I think I will switch one of those references with a sibling.

Falling asleep already.

Sweet dreams, my frolicking froggies!

--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Maybe the ghost of the character came back to fight in the battle. Well, it's a fantasy. Anything COULD happen. I am intrigued by the bits of story that you post. I might even be persuaded to read a fantasy novel in your case.

Paul said...

Thanks, Mimi. I resolved that issue; put his younger brother in the battle. Tada!

I wouldn't ask that much of my friends. Just buy your autographed copies, you don't have to read them.