Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bringing back hope

While chatting at a table last weekend with folks I'd never met before, I was asked if I had a favorite among presidential hopefuls. I do, but I had to answer that my real first choice, and one I could back wholeheartedly, was Al Gore, the last man I confidently believe to have been elected President. I want to elect him again and this time see him sworn in and take office!

Across from me sat a self-avowed Republican who did not care for Senator Clinton or Senator Edwards, who among Republicans would currently go for Giuliani, but who said he would vote for Gore for President. This Republican believes Gore has the experience and integrity and is probably the best choice.

Gore has still not said a definite "no." If you would like to see Al Gore, Jr. become President of the United States (or even just wish we were among our choices), why not pop on over to and sign the petition. It will get to him. And he is listening.

Now for some inspirational Melissa Etheridge, reminding us that truth is of the people, by the people, for the people.

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h/t to Hoffmania who posted Melissa and writes that her "What Happens Tomorrow" should be Gore's campaign song.

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