Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christian people ought to be bothered

I am indebted to Grandmère Mimi at Wounded Bird for passing on word of the work of the Rev. Rex Reyes on behalf of the people being "disappeared" in the Philippines. Mimi shares passages from an article at the United Methodist Church website that recounts the problem and efforts to address it.

There are a couple of powerful statements from Reyes that I pass on here.
"Christianity is not just a social club," he said. "It is a movement primarily of people who are concerned that everybody should have abundant life. And clearly in our experience, the reason the National Council of Churches in the Philippines is howling is that its people are howling."

Protesters in Manila, in the Philippines, march on International Day of the Disappeared to denounce the disappearance of activists allegedly killed or snatched by security forces. (BBC Photo)

Reyes said the Scriptural teaching that all people are created in God's image is "not an empty statement for Christians. Christian people ought to be bothered when people are getting killed," he said.

That last sentence hit me right between the eyes.

How true.

And then we look at the world and our role in it.

'Nuff said.
Check Mimi's article here or the original (with additional photos and audio links) here.
--the BB

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Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, good for you for finding the picture of the protesters and for highlighting Fr. Reyes wise and godly words.