Friday, November 23, 2007

Slow blog day

It snowed last night and the world this morning is lovely. At first we weren't sure because it was more like rain with touches of ice (is that what sleet is? raining slush?). Then the big fluffy flakes began.

Having imbibed very little of my drug of preference--Diet Pepsi, which I consume in huge quantities daily from the moment I get up--I was very undercaffeinated on Thanskgiving Day and before we got to dessert I felt like something half-dead. So I spent the night in the guest room instead of driving home (and happily had a change of clothes in the car). I don't have my jump drive full of photos and tidbits that is my usual resource and I am going in to work today.

Friday prince blogging will be this evening and I will reward the patient.

If you have today off, enjoy it. If you were thinking of shopping, please find something nicer to do for yourself. If you are working, thanks for keeping the world running. If you are just going to sit and enjoy the beauty of creation, thanks for knowing we don't keep the world running. If you get the chance, say something random and loving to somebody.

And if you are a health maven, I already know artificial sodas are not healthy but it's MY habit and you are invited to keep your lectures to yourself. If I thought telling people what they do wrong were a useful thing to do with my life, I'd still be an evangelical fundie. If you don't have good news, don't preach.

I love how nutritional understandings keep shifting. I knew that margarine was too artificial to be good for a person and have never allowed it in my house. Finally they come out and say you're better off with real butter. Caffeine dehyrdates but in more recent studies they found out that those who imbibe it regularly have a readjustment in their body so that dehydration effect no longer obtains. Time makes ancient good uncouth. Ah well.

We are maintaining the standards: I checked this morning and this blog still has an NC-17 rating--no one under 17 admitted. Mostly because of mentions of torture, death, and hell, but I had a couple of dicks and one queer on here (funny, I don't remember inviting dicks and I am sure we've hosted more queers than that, but what can I say?). This paragraph probably moved me over to an X. Such silly standards.

My sympathies to those who everindulged yesterday.
Peace out.
--the BB


Mary Sue said...

If you are working, thanks for keeping the world running.

You're welcome. :D

Kirstin said...

I can't find the link to the rating, now; when I took it a few days ago, I'd finally made it up to PG.

How? Writing honestly about my rough patch. The words I got rated for weren't profane or vulgar (except I think I had one "queer," thanks to Max's blog title).

I don't even talk about torture. Mere "hurt" will get you.


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