Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Treat yourself

I have mentioned this blog before but want to point any newcomers here to it once more.

Speculator at La Vie Graphite posts irregularly and his posts are worth the wait. He writes beautifully and accompanies his writing with beautiful photographs. He has moved recently and has been pondering for a while now on transitions. This morning I read the following:

A year of travels and transition winds again into the country of cold weather. Pilgrimage may be comprehended as a year of many days’ transition, or more broadly as an unfolding voyage, prefaced and accompanied by years of transformation. But surely not simply change for the sake of change; by choosing to move forward, albeit while seeing through the proverbial glass darkly, we can indeed journey from one fulfillment to another. The future is not meant to be a replication of the past.

Treat yourself.
--the BB

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