Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mimi started it

Now she'll accuse me of avoiding personal responsibility again, but really, she did start it. Or at least I followed her example.

Go over and give Grandmère some love. She came out The Godfather.

A neighbor of mine in California was the daughter of one of "Schindler's Jews." The world is small indeed.

Never forget.

Update: and what leader am I? Mother Theresa. I don't think so. I am too pro-choice (on her dark side) and not really that loving and giving (on her bright side).
--the BB


MikeF said...

Predictable, I guess, but I'm Schindler's list too!

Kirstin said...

I'm Schindler's List, too.

I keep trying to be a reprobate, and I never succeed. Bah.

Paul said...

Don't despair, Kirstin. With Christ all things are possible. Trust me, I am living proof of Schindlerian reprobation. Mimi has already seen through my prayers and pretty pictures.

Kirstin said...

...cinctures and sailor knots...

Grandmère Mimi said...

That "Godfather" thing is wrong, you know. Wrong, wrong, wrong. How could I be in the same category as the MadPriest?

Paul said...

Ah, Grandmère, I have already agreed it is very wrong indeed. Yet the question you pose is a deep one and probably not susceptible to easy answers. It is troubling and will require much pondering. Is Maddie your evil twin, or you his? The world awaits a definitive answer.

Kirstin said...

Hm, thought I'd commented again yesterday; Blogger must have eaten it.

I'm Mother Theresa too, and you don't see me in downtown Calcutta. I'm not even really volunteering anywhere right now, except for the food pantry at St. A's on occasion.

I felt bad for her when it came out that she'd struggled so much with her doubts. No one ever told me I couldn't have mine.

Paul said...

She was also a rather fervent anti-abortion type, very conservative Vatican-all-the-way kind. In other words, a complex person, as all people are. She did a lot of good in the world but I am guessing she might not be all that nice personality wise. Perhaps that makes her an even better role model. We all need to let go of perfectionism. Angelism is a heresy (and this is one time I don't choose to nuance the use of heresy).

How nice that you were allowed your doubts. Not all are so blessed.

Kirstin said...

You're absolutely right, about who she was and about not putting people on untouchable pedestals.

Letting me have my doubts is one thing my parents did right. I never had church, or faith, forced on me.

btw, I'm not as strong as I look--please keep praying.

johnieb said...

Mimi keeps telling me I'm not the reprobate I claim to be; who got Apocalypse Now, huh, Mimi?

And Mother Theresa, to be sure, but it seems she wasn't the sugary old mama the public supposed; good for her and for us.

This may be more risk than I'm counting on, but I'm not in the least surprised Mimi and Maddy got the same movie; y'all appear to me to be a wonderful match.

Ducks back down hole till it's over.

Paul said...

johnieb, I 'm sure you are as much a reprobate as the rest of us. Mimi and Maddy are a good match indeed. Get your tickets early.