Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Your Inner European is Spanish!

Energetic and lively.
You bring the party with you!

It's nmwolfboy's fault, I was just blogsurfing when he led me astray.

I accept the verdict, however. I believe my country came out Spain some time back (and Mimi's too, IIRC). Bring on the sunshine!
--the BB


Jane R said...

and the Rioja :-).

I believe we both did this quiz sometime within the last year. You were Spain last time too.

I'm back home after a few surreal days in San Diego at the AAR/SBL and the Society for the Study of Anglicanism before that. Have posted some icons in anticipation of Thanksgiving.

You've been prolific on this blog! Are you sure you're not retired and writing full-time?

Contessa and Cat

Paul said...

You may be right, Contessa. I was thinking the last round was "what country are you?" but it may have been nationality. In any case, a happy result.

I look forward to more of your adventures (not the interviewing part but any exciting ideas coming up against each other) and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. San Diego does have a plastic character to it. Bill always called Southern California "the land of the plastic lotus," which captures a lot.

Although a solid ambivert, my extravert side comes out when I have lots of readers. So, more page views inspires me to more posts. Would that I could afford to be retired.