Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BLOGSWARM 031908 - Part 3

From georgia10 at Daily Kos:
We are witnessing today the same misdirection and manipulation that led up to that invasion in March of 2003. The lie that is being sold to the American people today however is not that Iraq is a direct threat to the United States, but that our continued presence in Iraq does not threaten our security.

That is why John McCain and others never mention that terrorism has increased ever year since the invasion. Tht is why they never remind the American people that our gains in Afghanistan have been nearly reversed as the Taliban reconstitutes itself and thrives in the region. That is why they never mention that last year was the deadliest year for American troops in that county.

We will never hear them refer to the fact that five years of war have resulted in just three of eighteen benchmarks of progress being met. We will never see them acknowledge that, as Congress continues to appropriate blank checks, untold billions have been stolen or lost in Iraq. No, we will never hear these facts escape the lips of McCain and company.
[Emphasis mine]
--the BB

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