Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BLOGSWARM 031908 - Part 6

Before concluding this day--when, frankly, I have been expressing at least a small part of the anger and outrage that has been compounded over the past five years--I was going to write one last post. I had thought to look at Bush's speech today.

Ugh. I am too tired and it is too full of crap. I will take a stab at it nonetheless, vile mass of putrefaction that it is.

His ability to project is amazing, placing all the evil on his purported foe (Saddam or al Qaeda, and really, who could tell them apart when he kept mentioning them together... and denying it) and seeing himself as the champion of all that is good. Those who have written of his manichaean traits have diagnosed him quite accurately. So very black and white, and there is no question in what passes for his mind that he is wearing the "white hat."

For someone who flouts the Geneva Conventions, fabricated and executed a doctrine of preemptive war, and refuses to be bound even by our own Army Field Manual, he has little room to speak of "death squads acting on the orders of Saddam Hussein that obeyed neither the conventions of war nor the dictates of conscience." He speaks of the horrors of "torture chambers, and rape rooms" without any hint that he knows we have practiced torture and rape ourselves. (Can we all say Abu Ghraib, children? I knew we could.) He speaks of the "mass graves of thousands executed by the regime" with no acknowledgment of the thousands killed by our actions.

All evildoers are lumped together, of course, without a hint of distinction, so that those who are fighting to rid their land of occupiers would, given the chance, rush over here to attack us. [Yes, he really said that: "The terrorists who murder the innocent in the streets of Baghdad want to murder the innocent in the streets of America."] I don't think he realizes that those who want to attack us here can still do it and don't have to wait for the conflict there to end.

You know, I cannot imagine W playing checkers, much less chess. I can picture him blowing up those frogs with firecrackers, though. He still gets hard blowing stuff up, twisted SOB.

He said, quite baldly, that "The surge is working." Never mind that what it was meant to accomplish has not happened. We all know that militarily it did help create a breathing space but that breathing space was not used for its intended purpose. The Iraqis have not gotten their shit together (and why should they when they can play us endlessly?). Oh, and one of the goals was the oil-sharing agreement, which anyone with half a brain knows is about allowing foreign investors to get their slice of the pie (can we say Texas oil men, Cheney and Bush? Yes!).

"In Iraq, we are witnessing the first large-scale Arab uprising against Osama bin Laden, his grim ideology, and his murderous network." Bush appears not to grasp that bin Laden and his network have very little to do with the al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) crowd and even when various Iraqi factions join to oust AQI it does NOT mean a large-scale Arab uprising against Osama bin Laden. What a fucktard.

"More than 4,400 men and women have given their lives in the war on terror. We'll pray for their families. We'll always honor their memory.

"The best way we can honor them is by making sure that their sacrifice was not in vain."

I think the worst way to honor them is wasting more lives in a war that has never had a clear and HONEST rationale, a clear and concrete measurable mission, and a plan to conclude. Those who lost their lives, or had their lives trashed in horrific injuries and disfigurement, have acted honorably and their service is not to be called into question. We DFH types honor them and are usually the ones fighting for their care and benefits, unlike the obstructionist Republican legislators who mouth platitudes and never come through. But their leaders--the ones who sent them on this screwed-up mission to play oil markets, enrich cronies, and establish theoretical hegemony--have not acted honorably. Bush and his ilk have dishonored our nation and its ideals, ignored and broken its laws, and betrayed our troops, our people, and the trust placed in them.

Impeach the motherf**kers, convict them, remove them from office, and haul them to the Hague to be tried as the war criminals they are.

And that's the nicest thing I intend to say about Bush and Cheney today or any day.
--the BB


Batocchio said...

I hope to get to the speech later, myself. It might have been a new low, even for him.

Jane R said...

Can you spell "delusional"?