Monday, March 17, 2008


Obama received a lot of flack for saying that if we had knowledge of an al Qaeda target in Pakistan he would not hesitate to go after said target. A chorus of outrage arose over meddling in sovereign nations (from the same folks who cheered on the invasion and occupation of Iraq--go figure).

Well, the United States has just done what Senator Obama said he would do, so we're waiting for the chorus of outrage.


Missiles Hit Pakistani Tribal Area

Missiles that witnesses say came from an unmanned drone flattened a suspected militant safehouse Sunday in Pakistan's tribal area along the Afghan border. State television said the strike killed about 20 people.

Witnesses said a drone dropped seven missiles on the sprawling, mud-brick compound about three miles outside Wana, the main town in South Waziristan. Only U.S.-led coalition forces in Afghanistan are known to operate unmanned drones in the region, and they have launched attacks over the Pakistani border before.
I had read this elsewhere before but h/t to Blue Texan at Firedoglake whose post prompted me to add something here.

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