Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mortar fire in the Green Zone

Yes, the Green Zone in Baghdad sustained mortar fire yesterday while Cheney was there. This is one indication of how stable and safe the country is five years after our invasion and how much progress has been made.

Speaking of Cheney, Brattleboro, Vermont, is one of at least two cities that have indicted him and Bush. If he were to set foot in Brattleboro he would be subject to arrest. Now if the rest of the United States could just catch up with Brattleboro! While a refrain of Passover in the Jewish diaspora is "next year in Jerusalem," I keep wishing for Cheney and Bush that the refrain can be "next year in the Hague!"

Back to Iraq, where no matter what lies Cheney may tell, things are not progressing so well....

Juan Cole's header lines today are the following:
52 Killed in Karbala Bombing;
Bombing in Karrada Wounds 8;
Cheney and McCain in Baghdad

Photos from Jafariya News via Juan Cole

From the International Committee of the Red Cross we have this:
' Five years after the outbreak of the war in Iraq, the humanitarian situation in most of the country remains among the most critical in the world. Because of the conflict, millions of Iraqis have insufficient access to clean water, sanitation and health care. The current crisis is exacerbated by the lasting effects of previous armed conflicts and years of economic sanctions.

Despite limited improvements in security in some areas, armed violence is still having a disastrous impact. Civilians continue to be killed in the hostilities. The injured often do not receive adequate medical care. Millions of people have been forced to rely on insufficient supplies of poor-quality water as water and sewage systems suffer from a lack of maintenance and a shortage of engineers.

Many families include people who have been forced by the conflict to flee their homes, leaving those left behind with the daily struggle of trying to make ends meet. A sustained economic crisis marked by high unemployment further aggravates their plight. '
I shake my head at the neutral phrasing "outbreak of the war in Iraq." I believe that is a euphemism for "invasion and occupation by the United States with a handful of allies." Outbreak my ass. It was George W. Bush's intention action.

You may read Juan's entire update here.

--the BB


The Cunning Runt said...

And Cheney, in his ultimate wisdom and clarity, today declared the progress in Iraq as spectacular!

I had to check myself, had to work really hard to not wish him harm while he's there.

I really hate being made to feel this way about another human being.

Paul said...

Cr, blessings on your karma work. I am not that highly evolved. When I heard there were attacks when Cheney was there you know exactly why I was disappointed. I admit that I do not feel very charitable toward Bush's insurance policy.