Thursday, March 20, 2008

Heart thread - 3/20/2008

Via OCICBW we read this from Freedom Bound:
My dear virtual friends,
My partner and I are having quite a rough time at the mo - not sure if the relationship will survive. Lots of crying etc....

Prayers, virtual hugs and chocolate much appreciated.
loads of love,

FB xxx

Lisa has movingly written this: "There comes a time to come down out of the attic and connect with the living ones again." We continue to hold her in God's light.

The Cunning Runt continues to recuperate from his arm surgery followed by the dreaded winter crud. Appetite is returning--a good sign. But it's still challenging.

Last night's Oremus moment.

Many thanks to those around the web who join in prayer for one another. I see no need to limit our understandings of prayer and related practices. Whether you name names, hold thoughts, send good vibes, meditate, hold in your heart or in the light, offer litanies, light candles, or wish well. It is all one as we open our hearts to each other and the world.

Please add your own requests in comments.

If you use the "blog search" feature in the upper left corner, searching on "heart thread," you will find previous entries for prayer.

Prayer for a New Beginning
Look, Lord, from the height of your graciousness upon us who pause at the door of a new time to ask a blessing. As the seed enfolds the flower—root, bud, and blossom—as night contains the morning, so, Lord, hold what here will be in the huge hands of your lovingkindness. Although this future lies with us to build or spoil, make it shine however flawed and broken, from the inner light of your grace, and to your glory. Amen.
—Prayers for Our Times, ed. John Cumming and Paul Burns

--the BB


The Cunning Runt said...

Paul, your frequent interventions on behalf of me and others who swim uphill is a real balm to me - Thank you.

The Crud is losing steam, and the shoulder is entering a strengthening phase. As with many transitions, it's proving difficult to get started. But we're determined, aren't we?

And yes, the appetite has resumed the helm of my life, and I'm back up to my normal thunderous 125 lbs!

Paul said...

It is encouraging to hear that your shoulder is strengthening, CR. May your determination pay off!

LOL. I am more than twice your size. You are quite a bundle of energy (when feeling more your normal self). You get the lumbering bear phenomenon on my end of things--when I'm not hibernating.