Thursday, March 20, 2008


Joe Brewer and George Lakoff have an article at Truthout titled "We Need a President, Not Just a Commander in Chief." Nice discussion of the perils of narrowing our primary image down to military mode alone.

Barbara O'Brien provides background on the situation in Tibet here.

William R. Polk has an extensive guest article posted at Informed Comment. The title is "Iran: Danger and Opportunity." Polk provides an interesting analysis of the risk of a US attack on Iran and also the potential for positive action instead.

The New York Times weighs in on Bush's speech yesterday.

I was heartened by this news today (heard first on the radio):
A three-judge panel on the D.C. Court of Appeals stripped Libby of his ability to practice law after he was found guilty last year of obstructing the investigation in the CIA leak investigation, WTOP radio reported. [emphasis mine]
SilentPatriot at Crooks and Liars lets us know that Bill Maher offers us a great new campaign slogan for Grandpa John:

Susan Russell, who has a son in the military, posted some great prayers from Episcopal Peace Ministries.

FranIAm wrestles with footwashing, the new commandment, and how we feel about warmongers in a challenging post.

Jane R shares a great quote from France's last surviving World War I veteran, Lazare Ponticelli, who died last week at 110:
You shoot at men who are fathers: war is completely stupid.
Mimi has a thoughtful poem for today.

Of course, our blog friends put out fascinating and provocative and uplifting material all the time. Blessings upon them all.
--the BB

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FranIAm said...

You are amazing- I don't want to overstate that, but how you pull all of this together. You truly are global and "local" - local being our little bloggly neighborhood.

Thank you for the linkage.

Off to get those feet washed...