Saturday, November 15, 2008

Adieu, Nouvelle Orléans!

Vic Flyboy and the Obama Bear

After all the lamenting about the lack of a batteried camera I remembered that my MacBook has a built-in camera, so here - courtesy of Photo Booth - is a shot of Vic Flyboy and moise'f at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

I am wearing the Obama-Biden sweatshirt that I picked up at the ABQ SW HQ two weeks ago.

Vic likes the idea of a home with lots of siblings to play with though he seems a tad anxious about leaving his home town. I assure him that Belle made the transition with great success and she will have a familiar accent.

I was singing "Good morning, starshine" as I went through security. Tooby ooby wabba, on our way home!

It has been nice to get to know, even just a little bit, this beautiful city and its wonderful citizens. I hope the photo chronicles put up here have made it possible for y'all to get some nice glimpses of New Orleans.

Huge thanks to the folks at the company I was working for and to all my colleagues on the project. It's been a pleasure (if we ignore the craziness, but that is always true in life and it comes with the territory).

This report comes to you from the NOLA Airport where most travelers are quietly reading their newspapers, texting, napping, sitting paitiently, etc. and some are very loud. Fortunately, the loud ones passed on to a further gate. Thank you, Jesus.

How can people use such an "outside voice" so early in the morning? It's painful.

Yep, old fart to the end.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

What a time you have had!!

I for one am just glad to see your gorgeous face on the blog! You are too cute. As is Vic!!

Paul said...

[Both bears blushing]

susan s. said...

Yes, Fran, they are both cute to the max!