Thursday, November 13, 2008

Princess Sparkle Pony makes some important observations

From her fabulous blog:
Some idiot Palinophile left a comment here yesterday (which I deleted, natch) whining, basically, "Give it a rest, the election is over." But, oh, nuh-uh, not so fast! Besides being an obvious and irresistible target for satire 'n' catty bitchiness, there are some totally good reasons to not let up: 1. She's a politically dangerous Christian lunatic. 2. Any attempt to take her seriously must be counteracted. 3. Her lies are pernicious. 4. She fosters ignorance and insipidity. 5. She's ambitious and would like to rule you.
[Emphasis mine]

And speaking of the word "fabulous," the asshole-in-chief, Pretzeldent AWOL had the nerve to use the term when speaking of and to American veterans.
NEW YORK (AP) -- President Bush wistfully saluted the nation's veterans Tuesday as he prepares to hand two ongoing wars over to his successor, saying he'll "miss being the commander in chief of such a fabulous group."

I heard this on the radio and gasped.

Taking my cue from Bill Maher, here are the new rules:

1. No matter how much you admire our vets (and I do), you simply do not describe them as fabulous.

2. Gays have suffered enough in the recent state elections. They should not have to hear the word fabulous spoken by that cretinous abomination.

[Actually, I cannot abide anything spoken by that cretinous abomination and notorious war criminal.]

OK, you can all go back to being serious now.
--the BB


Abinas C. N. Jagernauth said...

"Cretinous abomination" - I like it; it's a classy insult and those to whom it is directed may more than likely not know what it means, and even better, might think it is a compliment.

FranIAm said...


You know I got to have lunch with PSP when I was in DC recently - a rare honor and a true delight.

I love your new rules.

OK, back to being serious now!

Paul said...

I read about that, Fran, and am jealous, of course.

Is there anyone you don't know? LOL

FranIAm said...

Yes, I have not met you in person and when I do, all will finally be right with the world!

Paul said...

Oh dear, the burden of having to set the world right simply by meeting seems rather overwhelming.

But I do look forward to it whenever it happens.