Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fran leads me into shameless self-promotion

It's not always Eileen who's to blame (and don't we have a pattern here dating back to Adam?). Fran just said she likes seeing pics of me here.

Ostrovsky Square

Actually, I was thinking about how much fun it would be to look at my clippings from four years ago just after the election but at that time I was in St Petersburg. So.... Here is a bit from the pictorial record of November 2004.

Looking down a side street from Nevsky Prospect

You can tell I have been into architectural detail for a long time. New Orleans was not the beginning of photos like this. Actually, Mexico City was but I don't have those in digital form.

The Byzigenous Buddhapalian in front of the Russian Museum

Vic wondered why he couldn't be in this post but I told him he was just a gleam in the Bearmaker's eye at the time.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

And your point? That I am just a shameless wonton hussy?


I love these photos, I truly do!

Plus that punim. So gaw-juss!

Paul said...

Not having eaten Chinese with you, Fran, I don't know if you are a won-ton hussy or not. I seriously doubt that you are a hussy of any kind. But shameless? Well, we wouldn't be blog chums otherwise, would we?

It is a rather handsome lion hovering above me, isn't it? [teehee]

susankay said...

Welcome back to ABQ! On the theory that you and the flyboy would not make it home on time, BOTH Brad and I attended the anti-H8 rally at the civic center this am. I would guess about 2,000 people. I got teary-eyed.

Paul said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Susankay and Brad!

Glad ABQ had a good turnout.

Btw, I wore my Obama-Biden sweatshirt as I traveled home. Got lots of smiles, a few thumbs up, and several positive comments.

David said...

as always your travel photos are a real gift,
fine hovering lion, fine smiling friend

thanks Paul


susankay said...

Paul -- where else would we be. Actually not for you and the fly boy but for the human race.

Blessings Be.

Paul said...

For all humanity, yes. Exactly.