Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well of course it's her fault; isn't it always?


I think Eileen gets too much blame in her life and this time around I'm not going to add to it. It's my own damn fault I love taking tests and absolutely lack won't power.

Moreover, look at how much fun and silliness she has added to my life. Here's to you, Fluffy!

Your result for Howard Gardner's Eight Types of Intelligence Test...


31% Logical, 16% Spatial, 61% Linguistic, 29% Intrapersonal, 27% Interpersonal, 8% Musical, 8% Bodily-Kinesthetic and 67% Naturalistic!

"This area has to do with nature, nurturing and relating information to one's natural surroundings. Those with it are said to have greater sensitivity to nature and their place within it, the ability to nurture and grow things, and greater ease in caring for, taming and interacting with animals. They may also be able to discern changes in weather or similar fluctuations in their natural surroundings. They are also good at recognizing and classifying different species.

'Naturalists' learn best when the subject involves collecting and analyzing, or is closely related to something prominent in nature; they also don't enjoy learning unfamiliar or seemingly useless subjects with little or no connections to nature. It is advised that naturalistic learners would learn more through being outside or in a kinesthetic way.

Careers which suit those with this intelligence include scientists, naturalists, conservationists, gardeners and farmers." (Wikipedia)

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OK, now can I blame her for the results? I have such a "yes but" response to all this. Asking me if it would be more fun to go to a play or learn a new language? May I ask first how much time I have for this activity? If it's an evening, a play - absolutely! If it's a year, then let's go for a new language.

I did choose Stonehenge. It appeals to me on several levels, including being primal, spiritual, and introspective. I'd like to experience it alone or with no more than two very good friends.

So low on music? Granted, I can't play anything more than simple rhythms on a hand drum but I love to sing and I have played with composition and appreciate a wide range of music. Ah well. I'd still rather meet Buddha than Mozart.

Being a mad-ass intuitive I always see more possibilities and hate having to choose.

Yes, I love comparison, contrast, analysis, and categorization. I think everyone should be able not only to do better than "bird" when they see one but even name many subsets. Not just "duck" but mallard, or ruddy, or canvasback, or grebe. Tree? Perhaps alder, birch, cedar, deodar, elm, fir, ginkgo, hornbeam, ironwood, juniper, kumquat, linden, mahogany, nectarine, piñon, quince, redwood, sandalwood, etc. Of course I have collected and pressed wildflowers. One of my favorite parts of writing fantasy fiction is envisioning the physical environment.

Your turn now. How do you score?

--the BB


susankay said...

OK, Paul and Eileen -- and why was there no question on obsessive Latin grammar correction? (yes, Paul -- I understand that it works either way and MAY scan better your way -- and what I do NOT know is why I remembered this after 47 years!)

Anyway:41% Logical
35% spatial
35% linguistic, and

So why am I hanging out in Albuquerque when I could be 27 miles away from much of anything (except mountains) in Colorado? Because it is EXPENSIVE to live that far away from everything.

Paul said...

Quam te memorem, virgo?

Susankay, my dear, you remember because Vergil does impress and we bear his words with us forever.

Eileen said...


My slackER corrupting influence is still strong...or was that my chi?

Shakes head...not sure! shrugs!

Earthbound Spirit said...

I'd rather meet Buddha than Mozart, too. I also chose Stonehenge, for similar reasons. And yet, here are my scores:

22% Logical,
16% Spatial,
55% Linguistic,
49% Intrapersonal,
8% Musical,
6% Bodily-Kinesthetic and
22% Naturalistic!

And I blame you for my time-wasting behavior, when I should be writing! But, thanks anyway.