Friday, November 14, 2008


[Lifted wholesale from the Cunning Runt at Little Bang Theory]

Just a reminder that tomorrow is your chance to ACT ON YOUR CONVICTIONS, to get off your comfy chair and put your body where your mouth is. We’re standing up for our brothers and sisters in the LGBTA community, because they’re human beings just like we are, because they’re citizens of this great country just like we are, and because Common Decency demands that we recognize their equality, their worth as human beings and their immeasurable contributions to the fabric of our society, our civilization, our world.

And because Love is Love.

Find a public event near you and BE THERE.

Thanks, CR.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

Amen to this! Rise up and have your voice heard.

Prop Hate needs to go away and let people live in peace!!

susan s. said...

I would be there, but we have to say goodbye to Rhoda today.

Paul said...

Thank you for that, Susan S. Sing beautifully!

Earthbound Spirit said...

My contribution was to get (daughter) M*'s housemate to the train to participate in & report on the event where they live. The dh & I were spending some precious time with M*, who is preparing to move... He knew we were with him in spirit, having read my blog over the past month or so.

Paul said...

There are many forms of support and witness. Glad M*'s housemate knew you were with him in spirit. Those who staff the barricades need to know someone back home supports them. Good on you. And thanks.

I did nothing but put up these posts. And slept on the plane (both legs of the journey).

The Cunning Runt said...

All of us have every day as an opportunity to do all that we can, and no more. And as nice as the love and support of being in a big rally crowd feels, it's our every-day witnessing that's going to awaken the ambivalent majority.

Thanks for the link, Paul. I'm always honored by a visit from you!

Paul said...

The CR is quite right. Our every day witness is what makes change happen.