Tuesday, November 11, 2008

There should be consequences for leaving the party

I'm not saying Joe Lieberman should be a social pariah but I do think that, inasmuch as he has left the Democratic Party, there is no reason he should be part of the Dem caucus or hold important chairs in the Senate.

I have sent e-mails to both Senator Bingaman and Senator-elect Udall making my views known. I may not sway them but they will hear a lot from me in the years to come, so I might as well get started.

The bottom line for me is two-fold: (1) he is a GOP enabler and (2) I don't trust him.

Let us not forget that his own party (at the time) rejected him in the Connecticut Democratic primary. That should tell you something. He only won as an independent in the general election because of Republican support.

Yes, I am partisan. I would prefer to rise above it but after the behavior of the GOP over the past three decades I am out to fight them in the trenches, on the beaches, in the woods, on the streets, at the polls, and online.
--the BB


Wormwood's Doxy said...

You are a better person than I, Paul. I *do* think he should be a social pariah! ;-)


susan s. said...

I think our next president wants him to stay in the Dem caucus. In fact I think Keith Olbermann said something about it a day or two ago.

Paul said...

Oh yes, Obama has lobbied for Joe to stay in the caucus. But then I have no illusions that I will support our future president in everything he says or does. I do NOT agree with him on this one.

Joe has kicked us to the curb and we need to return the favor. I think of the old story (and its variants) with a punchline like this: "Well, you knew I was a snake/scorpion/fill-in-the-blank when we started."