Friday, November 14, 2008

Los alisos se fueron

One of the chief reasons I bought the condo pictured here (upstairs) was the magnificent mature alders the grew in front of it. This was back in spring of 2002. I felt as though I were living in a treehouse. I talked to the trees (it's something I do as I have bonded with trees since I was young) and I prayed with them. I offered prayer tobacco to them. I named my home Los Alisos (Spanish for The Alders).

In January 2003 management had them all cut to the ground and the roots pulled up.

I was crushed and my home was never the same again.

Learning something from Buddhism about impermanence, I realized that while the alders no longer manifested they had always been and would always be. And I had to nurture my inner alder tree, that which they had given me me.

So I mourned, burnt incense at each new cavity in the earth, offered more prayer tobacco, and let my inner tree grow stronger.

This is a post about Mount Calvary.

I acknowledge impermanence, I bow to necessity, I make space for the retreat within.

Updated with link to Mt Calvary
--the BB


Robert Whalley said...

Yes, I've felt all day as though a friend has died. We both go back to the 70s there. JCD and I were there twice in the last few years and it was still a gift.

Yes, all things fall, but damn it hurts!

Padre Mickey said...

That Krsna sure is a pretty fella, ain't he?
And that Shiva's not too bad, either.

Paul said...

Well, Padre, Krsna seemed to keep how many milkmaids happy for how long?