Saturday, November 22, 2008

Go Bears!

Cal banner courtesy of the Bleacher Report

Y'all know that I am totally non-sportzoid. If I am physically present at a game there is a good chance I will shout myself hoarse cheering on the team I favor. Absent that, I don't care about any of it - with two exceptions.

All that matters is whether UCLA beats USC and Cal beats Stanford.

None of the rest gets me going. Back in my late twenties I was quite a fan of the Lakers and UCLA basketball. I have a sense of nostalgic geographic loyalty to the Dodgers and the Oakland A's though I have only attended one professional baseball game in my life (and it was an exciting one).

Well, Cal beat Stanford.
The Axe goes back where it belongs: Berkeley! w00t and double w00t!

Click graphic to enlarge (for all you stats lovers). Graphic courtesy of Rob Calonge's Examiner article.

I share here a chunk of Jon Wilner's article in the San Jose Mercury News:
The game turned on two plays, and Jahvid Best wasn't involved in either. Nor was Shane Vereen or Kevin Riley or Syd'Quan Thompson or any of the usual suspects in Blue and Gold.

The Big Game has a way of placing lesser-known players on center stage, if only for one outcome-altering instant. In the 111th version of the Cal-Stanford rivalry, those players were Golden Bears linebackers Devin Bishop and Eddie Young.

Bishop's leading role in a goal-line stand late in the first half and Young's interception early in the second created an 11-point swing that broke open a close game and propelled the Bears to a 37-16 victory Saturday before 70,086 at Memorial Stadium.

OK, sports fans, time to settle back in the afterglow.

It's been a good day.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

Go bears. Thought it would be about something else!!

susankay said...

Yay Cal!

But what was REALLY important yesterday was the Harvard beat Yale!

"Fight fiecely, Harvard, fight, fight, fight.
Impress them with your prowess, do."

Paul said...

Susankay, since my ex's godfather went to Harvard and W went to Yale (we'll ignore Harvard biz school), I join you in rejoicing.

IT said...

They one! but beloved is tired of me singing "our sturdy golden bear" in a nasal voice in the kitchen.

Oski wah wah.

IT, Cal alum