Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We fall down and we get up again

Saint Paul's, Ventura, is sharing a moving slide show of Mount Calvary before and after the fire. You may watch it here.

Thanks to Diobytes of the Diocese of California for the link. And for this information:
The Diocese of Los Angeles has established two fire recovery funds, a General Fire Recovery Fund that will serve local clergy in assisting those displaced or severely affected by the fires, and a Mount Calvary Recovery Fund that will address the loss of the Mount Calvary Retreat House, the only Episcopal structure damaged in the fires. Contributions with checks earmarked for either of the funds may be sent to the Bishop's Office, 840 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90026.

According to The Episcopal News of the Diocese of Los Angeles, the Mount Calvary staff, let by its prior, the Rev. Nicholas Radelmiller OHC, is working with members of St. Mary's Retreat House and other facilities to reschedule individual and group retreats that must be relocated following the fire. The brothers welcome letters, cards, and financial contributions (which can be mailed directly to the Mount Calvary Fire Fund, P.O. Box 1296, Santa Barbara, CA 93102, or online through Facebook), but do not need books, clothes, artwork, other religious memorabilia, or assistance with recovery at this time.
Because I am a wicked, fallen man, I cannot refrain from noticing that the paintings of Our Lady and John the Evangelist flanking the entrance have been greatly tarted up from the sober, New Mexican retablo style originals I recall from the early 70s onward.
--the BB

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