Sunday, November 16, 2008

Working for Smokey again

The photo is from spring 2005 when I was working at the Regional HQ of the Forest Service in Vallejo, Callifornia.

Tomorrow I begin a new stint working for Smokey, my fifth with the Forest Service and my fourth at the Albuquerque Service Center where the budget and finance functions are handled for the FS nationwide.

I like the people, I like the location, and I look forward to this.

Smokey Bear is a good reminder of the devastation from wildfires.

Let us remember those endangerd or already devastated by the fires in California and anywhere else on the planet.

Yesterday in the Dallas airport I met a Greek Orthodox priest. We had a lovely conversation as we both waited for our connecting flights. One of several congregations he serves is in Galveston. They are trying to recover after Hurricane Gustav but the congregation is scattered and at a loss. One of my coworkers in New Orleans is from Galveston. She and her husband lost everything to the water damage.

So for individuals, families, business, churches, and all manner of human communities, let us pray.

And now, to bed. Early.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

My prayers for the lives disrupted and upended by the fires. God have mercy.

As for the photo, you are doing this to kill me, aren't you?

Paul said...

No, Fran dear, for that I post photos of New Mexico.


Jane R said...

Yay for the Forest Service! (Also I have always loved that shirt on you.)

And prayers for all those who suffer because of extreme weather conditions - oops, I am sounding like the meteorology babe.

Your word verification thingie says "disking."

susankay said...

Paul --welcome home. When you have a chance, go see "Happy Go Lucky" -- everybody go see it -- and meditate on your response to the homeless, the mad and the lonely.

IT said...

Glad to see the badge, Paul!


Padre Mickey said...

Can I call you Ranger Paul from now on?

Paul said...

Hardly, Padre. Just a desk jockey, as always.