Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not much to report today

Velvet Ash, 16 October 2005

Yes, I had green chiles in my lunch again. That's hardly news.

It is getting colder, the wind was blowing, the sky blue, the multi-colored leaves swirling about. Another glorious day. I had on three layers of clothing today, the first time, I would guess, since early spring or late winter. All but a few days in New Orleans (granted, it was summer) I had only one - a series of lightweight cotton shirts. Today an undershirt, a tightly woven heaver cotton shirt, and a down vest.

Dinner was at a friend's: rack of lamb and asparagus, salad, chocolate Bavarian, excellent companionship.

It's Friday Eve.
--the BB


David said...

another remarkable photograph which reflects equally on the Glory of God's creation, and the grace of the spirit which captured it to share with us

thanks again Paul. i hope the rack of lamb and fellowship was equally memorable


Paul said...

Thanks, David. Fabulous food with one's best friend is hard to beat.