Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My new United States Senator

Tom Udall now joins Senator Jeff Bingaman and we have two Democratic Senators from New Mexico.

What a joyous change from Pajamas Pete Domenici.

I have been trashing the Mormon Church for their role in California Prop 8 and don't back off from that for a second but that should not be construed as an attack on Mormon individuals. I very happily and proudly supported Tom Udall, a Democratic Mormon, for U.S. Senator from New Mexico and rejoice in his victory. I believe this is good news for New Mexico. And every Senate seat gained for the Dems is good news for the nation and the world.

Congratulations, Senator-elect Udall!

h/t to Plutonium Page for the video and news that CNN called NM for Udall.
--the BB

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