Monday, November 03, 2008

On the matter of courtesy

Remember this ad? Of course you do.

Well, the Mormon Church was offended.

I can assure you their sense of being offended does not begin to match mine at their actions.

Their statement:
“The Church has joined a broad-based coalition in defense of traditional marriage. While we feel this is important to all of society, we have always emphasized that respect be given to those who feel differently on this issue. It is unfortunate that some who oppose this proposition have not given the Church this same courtesy.”

Julia Rosen at Crooks and Liars does a nice rebuttal:
We respect that you feel differently about this issue, but rather than respecting our differing positions, you have attempted to impose your position on all of California. That is what we are responding to and why we are fighting so hard to keep our rights that you are trying to take away.


Let me just emphasize the core of Rosen's rebuttal:
You have attempted to impose your position on all of California.

That is the issue.

Prop 8 would not have made a dent without the Mormon Church which has been planning to do this sort of thing since at least 1997.

And so, Californians, I urge you to do the right thing. Vote tomorrow and tell the Mormon Church and all other theocrats that they are entitled to their moral beliefs and their religious practices but THEY MAY NOT IMPOSE THEM ON OTHERS.

And that's as civilly as I can put it.

Courtesy my ass.
--the BB

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