Thursday, November 06, 2008

Very quick update

Gratuitous cute photo

Although I did not stay up election night any later than I often do, I was utterly exhausted all day yesterday. Then I went out for dinner.

Today I feel as though I coming down with a chest cold. Post-election let-down? Golden poppy blues? Cumulative effect of insufficient sleep? In any case, I am too pooped to pop right now.

But I do have a couple of items rolling around in my head. One is a restaurant review of last night's meal. One is a fantasy to stimulate thought and discussion on the issue of equal marriage rights.

Right now, however, I am going to take 2000mg of vitamin C and go to bed. (Had chicken soup for dinner already.)

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I don't have more to offer today.
--the BB


susan s. said...

Feel better, sweetie. Mwaaaaah!!

David said...

It's a perfectly fine offering-
so was the eye candy

Now just take care of yourself


Lindy said...

Take care of yourself Paul.
Thera-Flu works for me. Orange flavor.