Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Sunday back home

Obama poster in the guest room window

Heinrich poster in the parlor window

An unfortunately blurry photo (no flash) of the
All Saints' Sunday Mass at St Michael and All Angels, Albuquerque

It was good to be in my church home. I lit a candle for Phyllis and had a quiet but rather uncontrollable cry during the Offertory time. All I needed was someone to hold me while I wept, but I doubt this will be my last good cry over her.

Fr. Christopher sang the Litany of Saints. In addition to singing the "pray for us" refrain I crossed myself at mention of my favorites like Cuthbert, Bernard Mizeki, Martin Luther King Jr, Samuel Schereschewsky, Jon Daniels, Julian of Norwich.

Los Sandías vistas desde La Luz del Sol, Albuquerque

After church we had a working lunch to plan adult formation events for the year ahead. So very good to see that little band I had grown close to in the past year.

Home. Place. People. Where the heart rests.

I wanted to get some good photos of the cottonwoods along the bosque. This is the time of year they turn a bright golden yellow. You can see the crown of one tree sticking up just above the houses to the right of center in the photo above but that does not give you even a hint of the glory that is out there. Perhaps I can get some shots tomorrow.

The best shots would have been from points when I was driving and could not legally or safely pull over (such as stopping on a bridge or blocking a bicycle lane that had approaching bicyclists). So I refrained.

Before long this brilliant yellow will turn to a pale brown, tinted with a wash of copper. Still lovely to many of us but not so spectacular.

The Sandias seen from Coors Avenue

In two weeks I will be home for good. Sigh. Happy smile.
--the BB

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David said...

dear Paul
thank-you for this beautiful post from your generous heart.

thank-you also for once more enriching this one with your great photos.

i wish someone could have held you during your tears for Phyllis, but we're all blessed by you sharing of your deep love of our liturgy.

thank-you again, you living blessing