Saturday, November 08, 2008

One good thing I have done in my life

... was to begin the tradition of celebrating el Día de los Muertos at St Cuthbert's, Oakland. The first year Hallowe'en fell on a Sunday and it was the day of Bishop Swing's visitation. We dedicated new vestments and altar hangings that day (the wild "festal green" set) and remembered our loved ones. Prayer and tears and healing and deeper community. Thanks to Laurie Garnier I can share a photo from this year's celebration. The ofrenda at St Cuddy's, 2008.

Last Sunday in Albuquerque I lit a candle for Phyllis Brislawn, one of the great saints of St Cuthbert's.

We who are many are one body for we all share in one bread and one cup.
-the BB

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