Friday, July 10, 2009

The civil war is in full swing - updated

V. Vasnetsov
A Warrior on the Crossroads, 1882
Russian Museum, St Petersburg

Warriors of S., on seeing their fallen lord, redoubled their efforts, hoping to retrieve his body and avenge him. Noble and common blood ran together in dark pools troubled by the continued wind and splashed about by hoof, by foot, and by falling warriors. The earth patiently drank the blood, the tears, the sweat, the piss, and the shattered hopes poured forth in such obscene profusion while crows waited on the edge of the battlefield, hungry and eager.
You cannot expect me to recount the tale of a war that is not from an anti-war perspective now, can you?

The passage above follows the paragraph in which a really decent guy "buys the farm." He is the one who actually has the best claim to the throne and does not want it, for the sake of his children and grandchildren. Why do the nice guys wind up eating the shit sandwiches?

Sweet dreams, my sprightly springboks!

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