Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Had you come ... as utter strangers, I would fight you to the death.
I am in Chapter 48 now, trying my best with spreadsheets and maps to keep track of which army is where, who is alive and who already dead. There are five major contingents of warriors moving across the countryside. It is dizzying. Like many forms of storytelling, this intercuts among different locations and characters, and sometimes back and forth in time, to keep threads interrelated and maintain suspense and interest. Too much of that and everyone is lost, including the author. I try to go by instinct and hope I gauge it right.

There is a bit of guerrilla warfare going on as the flanks are harried by attacks from the forest. And at that point I fell asleep at the computer. Time for bed. Need my energy by next Wednesday night: opera!

I hired the kid across the street to weed my yard. He finished it tonight. Hooray! Now the HOA won't come writing nasty letters again.

No hornworms visible on the tomatoes this evening. This is good. The first cosmos blossom has burst open. It is a deep reddish purple, quite intense.

Lovely cadmium red light washes on the scattered clouds tonight, just before they turned irrevocably gray.

Garbage, mostly yard trash, and recycling at the curb for tomorrow.

Dear God, move in grace and power among the deputies and bishops at GC09.

Sweet dreams, my cheerful chimney swifts!

--the BB

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