Thursday, July 09, 2009

Nous n'avons pas oublié le peuple iranien

We have not forgotten the Iranian People.

It is almost 26 minutes long but this is a stunning background piece by Al-Jazeera on the Iranian protests. You will get more of a feel for what happened here than on American television.

More importantly, citizens of the United States need to get a feel for Tehran and for Iranian youth.

h/t to Juan Cole at Informed Comment

Thousands of protesters streamed down avenues of the capital Thursday, chanting "death to the dictator" and defying security forces who fired tear gas and charged with batons, witnesses said. The first opposition foray into the streets in 11 days aimed to revive mass demonstrations that were crushed in Iran's postelection turmoil.

--AP via Nico Pitney at HuffPo

Photos from (via Nico)

...that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.
--the BB


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!

David said...

The other day I came across one of the former graduate students who had worked for me at the university. From Iran, as she ran up to me she was digging into her shoulder bag- for her Canadian passport it turned out.

With fierce hugs and a shower of kisses, she reminded me that I had been the one who had literally nagged her to apply for her landed immigrant status and citizenship during the last 18 months of her academic program.

Abandoning our respective shedules we went for coffee and talked for more than two hours- about news from 'home,' about the 'bigger picture' God's call to Islam to work with God to transform itself. And for the whole time the Canadian passport was there on the table.

Iran will always be my family, my tribe perhaps, she told me. I will bleed and shed tears for Iran, I will march in the streets of Montreal & Ottawa, and scream until I lose my voice, she told me. She, Iran is my mother and sisters being beaten and spat upon by a gang of sex-obsessedbullies. But Canada is my shining fortress, my invitation to life.
More than once she reminded me we Canadians can't have any idea of the differences.

And for the first time ever, before we went our separate ways, she reached out for my hand and asked if we could pray together.

Paul said...

Just wow. Thank you, David, for sharing this story with us.