Thursday, July 09, 2009

More pieces fall into place

K. reminded the princess that they had come to make things better for all of F., not to surrender to sorrow this early.
Old sorceresses have no shortage of wisdom we are not ready to hear.

On a happier note, I had left a loose thread in the second volume when the baroness of L. ran off to marry the man she loves. Was the barony supposed to rule itself?

It turns out she did have a younger brother. I had forgotten to mention that he, along with her grandfather and great aunt, attended her wedding. At that time she relinquished title and the family, friends, star singers, and their suzerain recognized baby brother as the new baron.

He is now fighting on the side of the princess. His sister, the star singer and sorceress, does what she can from afar.

The persons of power are about to add more magic to the struggles for the throne. But will any of them go so far as to conjure a pestiferous dreng?

Total suckburger of a day with myself and all my coworkers feeling like wrung out dishrags by the end of the work day.

Tomorrow is Friday.

Sweet dreams, my virtuous vipers!

--the BB

Hey, snakes need love too.


David said...

'Pestiferous dreng'

Where DO you get these words?

Let me quess we're going to need a whole new tome- The Paul S. Dictionary of Fantasy Fiction'

you're amazing Paul- absolutely..... well, amazing!


Paul said...

Pestiferous drengs showed up in the very first bedtime story that was the seed of all the other tales. They are a product of dark arts. Think orange hamsters on speed with bat ears and the appetites of piranhas. To most they are an element of nightmare and legend. But in the stories they actually appear at least twice.

They arose in the fevered imagination of an unhappy graduate student desperate to escape any an all levels of reality in his life at the time. He dropped out of grad school, came out of the closet, and became an Episcopalian all in 1974.

David said...

'He dropped out of grad school, came out of the closet, and became an Episcopalian all in 1974.'

and became of heck of a fine human being and credit to God in the process!


Paul said...

Deo gratias. Thanks, David.