Saturday, July 11, 2009

This one is still around too

Again, I turn to Marcy for our update.
A month ago, I argued that the CIA was deploying a waterboarding "shiny object" strategy in its attempt to hide the details of the torture program that they otherwise eliminated by destroying the torture tapes--particularly, that torture started before OLC approved it, and that Abu Zubaydah had cooperated without torture, meaning their entire premise for torture was false.
The gummint submitted a filing yesterday. Marcy sees it as deflective. (Shiny object!)
As a gentle reminder, this litigation is about whether the CIA should be held in contempt because they destroyed the videos showing these activities!! Destruction that a Special Counsel has spent 18 months, thus far, investigating.

But, nonetheless, the CIA insists that there's no bit of evidence that the CIA is trying to hide a crime.

This whole argument is falling apart, and that's even before ACLU picks it apart in their response brief (due in a couple of weeks).

--the BB

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