Thursday, July 09, 2009

Heart thread - 07/09/2009 - updated

From David@Montreal:
dear and beloved Giants of Faith & Practice

the very top of this list has to be the delegates meeting for General Convention 2009 in Anaheim. you notice i put the delegates before the episcopate, and that it because i truly believe that with several radiant exceptions, the episcopacy is the biggest hurdle the Holy Spirit is facing in this wondrous call to transformation of the American Church. Many of these delegates are known & precious to our hearts and i truly believe the role of the laity and clergy is a prophetic one in these meetings.

i would also ask your prayers for ++Katherine, our dear brothers Gene and Mark, Elizabeth, Katie, Susan & Louise, Mark, Terry, Margaret, +Jon, +Marc, +Tom among others, all in Anaheim.

the Integrity Eucharist is tomorrow night at &:30 p,m, Pacific time. I will be sitting in prayer and practice in solidarity with these radiant brothers and sisters and I would encourage you to do so if you are able. Gene will be celebrating, saint Barabara Harris will be preaching, an both Elizabeth, Margaret & Susan will be distributing the Blessed Sacrament. Through the blessed Holy Spirit you can be THERE through your prayer and practice so I'd urge you to give it some thought.

on other fronts:

continued prayers for my cousin Frank please who is still awaiting the outcome of his gene therapy for lukemia, and who has been hospitalized again as treatments have failed to work for c-difficile. please remember Frank's dear wife Carol too.

for Dorian whose MS. appears to have spread to the left side: numbness in both thighs now, and in the last days it's spreading to her left hand

for Crystal and Patrick, each severely wounded young adults at presently real risk (Montreal & Tenessee respectively)

for Roseanne once again fighting for her life

for beloved Ms. C suffering serious knee damage and hobbling around on crutches in New Jersey

for Sister Ellie, suffering ecclesiastical bullying and the possible loss of her livelihood

for Robert my neighbor who is facing the very real pospect of losing his spleen in a desperate attempt to hold off another attack of lukemia

for Jane R's intensive editorial challenge

for Chistopher in limbo over the outcome of his job

for Barbi's on-going discernment process and for the awesome project she has taken on

for all those staring down the incredible challenges of finding gainful employment in these tough times and the prospect of losing their homes. no news on that front here yet, but i persist

please pray for the safety of all those travelling to and from Anaheim, including our cherished June

I had a joyous & tearful telephone conversation from Patrick the other night. A former Roman Catholic priest, who left both his church and the USA for Canada out of serious pain and disillusionment with the Curia and the Bush mis-administration. Easter Even, Patrick was received into the Anglican Church; will be leaving Toronto for Halifax and will be poceeding to ordination in our Church. I have been working for several months with Patrick by telephone, and with audible tears he told me. for the first time in his life he feels truly alive as a son of God... 'This is home,' he told me. 'I've arrived- at last!' So there's the good news also m'dears

with love and profound gratitude for each of you
For my friend Lolly who had surgery on July 6.
UPDATE: "Lolly went in for surgery on Monday and it went well.Tests should be back soon. Thanks for your prayers.--Fitz"

For Janet and Jeannetta.

For Jennifer, mending from broken heart and looking for an apartment.

For Mark and Nikolai and Radoslav, because international friends are precious.

For dear Lisa who is "still feeling lonely" after the passing of her beloved Ian.

For the repose of the soul of Samantha and for her parents, Bill and Justine.

For our Orthodox brothers at JN1034 during pan-orthodox deliberations and especially for JN1034-Athens.

For Fran on retreat and trying to leave her crackberry off.

For Kirstin adjusting to a body no longer on interferon but not sure how to be without it yet.

For Margaret serving at GC and Joel back home.

For the People of Iran.

For those suffering the horror of war or civil strife.

For those who work for justice, freedom, and peace.

--the BB


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!

Ellie Finlay said...

Prayers for all, of course, and gratitude for the prayer request for me.

I would add, however, that it's not the "possible" loss of my livelihood. I AM losing my livelihood as of December 31. The bishop's ostensible reason is because of diocesan financial difficulties. That's a pretext, of course. My salary is not that large and if the bishop wanted to keep me he could certainly find the small amount of money that has been allocated for my stipend and benefits (for the past 13 years).

The last year and a half have truly been a nightmare (since the new bishop came on board and decided that he didn't like me). I don't know what turns a person into a bully. (Maybe child abuse?) But I'm glad to be getting out. My big concern, of course, is medical care. Let's hope Obama manages to get a public option through. Otherwise, I'm uninsurable.