Sunday, July 05, 2009

Once I learn to use my camera....

... and play with shutter speed, etc., I might get some really cool shots.

For now I am still a "point and shoot" guy. I took a few pics last night that are technically not much but they still say something about my love of what I see.

The emergent moon

Hau, Hanhepiwi!

Fireworks in my part of town.
This is the street on the other side of my back fence.

--the BB


David said...

I'll vote for love over technology any day- but you knew that already!

I particularly enjoyed the fireworks- taking the pic in before reading the title underneath, they looked like extraordinary exclamations.


Grandmère Mimi said...

I'd say that you're off to quite a good start, luv.

Paul said...

Thanks, both of you. These are a lot more than I could have gotten with previous cameras.

The Cunning Runt (Ralph) is my nature-photo hero.