Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Господи помилуй - 5/7/2008

I can't do a full tour but this needs to be on our minds and in our hearts.

Burma death toll 'likely to hit 80000'
ABC Online - 1 hour ago
By ABC correspondent Peter Lloyd and wires An aid official in Burma says the death toll from Cyclone Nargis may be 80000 or more. Kyi Minn is health adviser for World Vision in Burma and he says that on top of the 22000 the military regime has admitted ...
Burmese prisoners 'executed after cyclone hit'
Burma's twin disasters: A cyclone and the generals International Herald Tribune

Caminante has a couple of good posts up on this (here and here).

Maha has a good article about the pathetic US response (after all, the Bushes are focused on whatshername's wedding - you know, the drunk girl).

Holy One, look with mercy upon those injured, displaced, ill or starving in this current devastation, and receive into your arms those who have died. Strengthen those who bring succor to the people of the region. Guide Myanmar and all nations toward grace-filled openness and peace, free from oppression and fear.
--the BB

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