Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oh, baby!

Pamela Hess writes for AP:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House Judiciary Committee voted Tuesday to compel a top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney to testify to the committee about the Bush administration's interrogation practices.

David Addington, Cheney's chief of staff, refused to testify without a subpoena. No date has been set for his appearance before Congress.

John Yoo, the former Justice Department lawyer who wrote a now-repudiated memo allowing the harsh interrogations of military prisoners agreed late Monday to testify to Congress about those practices, averting a subpoena. Yoo is now a law professor at University of California-Berkeley.
Now I know this does mean that things will proceed smoothly, or even proceed at all. Nonetheless, just to read of a subpoena being issued gives me the all-overs, don't you know?

And check out this paragraph:
Former Attorney General John Ashcroft, former Under Secretary of Defense Douglas Feith, and former Assistant Attorney General Daniel Levin have also agreed to give testimony at a future hearing. Former CIA Director George Tenet is still in negotiations with the committee, according to House Judiciary Committee spokeswoman Melanie Roussell.
Dday pointed me to this over at Hullabaloo and has some interesting and relevant information to add. Check it out.

Let's get the truth out!


Logan Murphy has a post up at Crooks and Liars about an Iraqi citizen suing US contractors over torture at Abu Ghraib.

May truth prevail and the guilty be held accountable! Let's start in the White House!
--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Whoa! They're getting them all. I wonder if they'll take the fifth. Finally, finally, finally.

How was your day at the office, dear? I thought I'd ask since there's that picture of us "out there" now.

Paul said...

LOL. Now the rumors will really fly, if you're the one asking me how my day at the office was! Good thing if was Grandpère taking the pictures.

Yesterday and today were both 11-hour work days but I felt better today (less partying last night, I guess). Good to get back to the apartment. I commute in the evenings with a chap who gets agitated about lots of little stuff. He commented tonight that I seem calm. I told him it's because I just don't give a shit about work stuff beyond showing up, doing a good job, being paid well and appreciated for it. The rest has nothing to do with who I am; my life is elsewhere.

I am very glad to have the work and I will be very glad when the project is over and I can go home and stay there for a while. I look forward to seeing some friends and my fruit trees and roses this weekend. (How big are my peaches? - that is the question.)