Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More visitors from Asia

This evening I came home to learn that we have had our first visitors from Afghanistan and Qatar. A hearty welcome to you both and to any of your compatriots who shall visit here in future!

I shied away from trying to copy the Pashto script and settled for a transliteration. Nor can I write a lot or post a lot of music these days.

Qatar is an Arab-speaking constitutional monarchy and its capital is Doha. It occupies a peninsula bordered by Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf.

Afghanistan is an Islamic presidential republic located in the heart of Asia. The capital is Kabul and the official languages are Dari and Pashto.

Here is your tourist ad for Qatar:

And a half-minute of traditional Qatari music:

Two American filmmakers get outside the city to show you a different view of Afghanistan:

And an Afghan music video:

--the BB

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