Saturday, May 10, 2008

Everybody's got their own firebrand

Pastors we associate with are either irrelevant to political campaigns or something we should examine closely. If the latter, then we should do so even-handedly.

Btw, have you met one of McCain's endorsers?

--the BB


FranIAm said...

This literally turns my stomach.

I find it so repugnant and so not of God as I understand Him/Her.

And no one says a word and Wright is still considered the troublemaker.

Paul said...

Might it be that white folks hating on folks of color remains an acceptable norm (and I think I just got queasy typing that)? Folks of color demanding justice from white folks, however, is revolutionary or uppity or some other code word for threatening to people in power.

It is an outrageous double standard.